Workshop: Drawn to Wildlife

Drawn to Wildlife: Sketching for Scientists Cody, Wyoming 11/17/2016 ● 12:30-4:00 pm ● Lab, Draper Natural History Museum● limited to 25 participants This hands-on workshop for wildlife biologists will take place during The Wildlife Society's Wyoming chapter annual meeting. Participants will be be introduced to a suite of foundational sketching techniques, and will include discussion of materials and strategies…Read more Workshop: Drawn to Wildlife

You’re Invited: Sci-Art Symposium!

I'm super excited to invite you to register for a Sci-Art Symposium I've been co-planning for the past year. The big idea is to bring together a wide-ranging set of ideas, examples, and thinkers/do-ers to build a powerful foundation for on-going SciArt synergy on the University of Wyoming campus, in Wyoming communities, and beyond. We're organizing…Read more You’re Invited: Sci-Art Symposium!

Mini-workshop: Using Analog Technology (Art!) to Teach Science

I'll be teaching a mini-workshop/crash course/ intro session on Wednesday at the University of Wyoming. We don't have enough time to get too deep into skill-building (only 1.5 hours), so this session aims to get you excited about the idea of building skills (or resurrecting latent skills). Teaching with Technology Series: Drawn to Science-Using Analog…Read more Mini-workshop: Using Analog Technology (Art!) to Teach Science

Video of my SciArt talk about Drawing, Creativity, and Science

Two weeks ago, I gave a seminar to the University of Wyoming Zoology & Physiology Department. Entitled Drawn to Science: Exploring the Historical and Contemporary Synergies between Drawing, Creativity, and Science, my talk roved through history, technologies that have influenced art and science, and looked at research and examples of how art and science can do much…Read more Video of my SciArt talk about Drawing, Creativity, and Science